Nikdesign is a versatile artistic photographer taking the alternative styles to the next level, combining finearts, fashion with a unique touch that has become his trademark.

He has worked in various fields of photography including all from ads, editorials and fashion to expressive portraits of bands, documentary and fine arts. In the alternative fashion scene he has worked with some of the world leading designers and models in the alternative scene, always on the edge of what is the next big thing to come. He has been published in high profile magazines as “Rolling Stone”, worked with clients like Century Media records, artists like legendary The Beach Boys and designers like Atsuko Kudo.

Specialises in:

* Bands and artists
* Alternative Fashion (especially Latex).
* Artistic & fineart photography

He describes himself basically as an image creator and his approach towards the client is usually: “What’s your vision?”.

“Today he is known as one of Sweden’s finest photographers when it comes to “alternative” fashion style and pictures.”
– Marquis Magazine